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Japanese Plane (Kanna) Beginner

Japanese Plane (Kanna) Beginner

I usually recommend a 48mm block plane for a Japanese tool beginner to start. It’s less expensive, versatile size, easier to sharpen (the blade) and setup (the block). Even if you make a mistake, damage would be smaller. After you get comfortable using it, you will be ready to move onto a smoothing plane:

Please note that what is the most important is your sharpening skills. As you excel in your sharpening skills, the tools will increase in their performance. Unlike western tools, which work FOR you, Japanese tools work WITH you to achieve your goal.


The books and DVDs that I recommend about Japanese planes (tools):

1) Book of “Sharpening and the Japanese Hand Plane in Depth” by Dale Brotherton

2) DVD of “Japanese hand planes” by Jay Van Arsdale

3) Book of “ Japanese Woodworking Tools by Toshi Odate 


Kezurou-Kai USA is an educational non-profit organization (Japanese woodworking). I’m one of the board of directors and we have an event (hands-on demonstrations) 1-2 times a year and online classes. If you are interested in, please check its website at


I would also recommend to take a Japanese woodworking class with:

1. Dale Brotherton

2. Andrew Hunter

3. Brian Holcombe

4. Yann Giguere


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