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DVDs - Jay Van Arsdale

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Hailing from a long line of blacksmiths, Jay van Arsdale has been practicing Japanese woodworking since the 1970s.  He has given numerous demos and lectures, contributed articles to several publications, and is the author of the book Shoji: How to Design, Build, and Install Japanese Screens.  A licensed building contractor, Jay currently resides in Oakland and teaches Japanese hand tool and joinery classes at Laney College.

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Connections: Introductions to Californa Daiku Woodworking - bringing traditional Japanese hand tools and joinery techniques to modern hands.

1 DVD, total run time: 2 hrs. 8 min.

Excerpt from the DVD cover:

This introduction to California Daiku woodworking is presented as a tutorial that points the way to understanding basic joinery concepts and the processes to make them.  This learning structure is the result of working in this manner, observing and studying with numerous Japanese daiku, and teaching students for over the last 30 years....An old friend recently reminded me that-"not much falls off an empty wagon"...I know you will find this no empty wagon-with plenty of ideas to take and make your own.


Japanese Hand Planes: The workings and wonder of Kanna

2 DVD set, total run time: over 2 hours

Excerpt from the DVD cover:

In this session I have presented my step-by-step approach and insights into the selection, preparations, and workings of this most simple and interesting tool....The advantages gained by understanding and practicing the basic set-ups and manipulations will build your confidence and give you more options for success with the more difficult challenges you will face, resulting in higher quality in your work.