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Hand Planes/Kanna

Hand Planes/Kanna

Japanese Planes/kanna

The Japanese plane (or kanna), a tool used for shaving away surfaces of timber, comes in  a wide variety of shapes and styles. The choice of kanna depends on the part of the timber being worked on. Kanna types with different functionalities are the smoothing plane/hira-ganna, including block plane (ko-ganna or mame-hira-ganna), rabett plane (kiwa-ganna), fanced rabett plane (jyogitsuki-kiwa-ganna), scraper plane (dinaoshi-ganna or tachi-ganna), groove plane (shakuri-ganna), dovetail plane (ari-sakuri-ganna) and chamfer plane (kakumentori-ganna).

The kanna primarily consists of a metal blade (kanna-ba), a chip breaker (oshi-gane, ura-gane or osae-ba) and a wooden base or plane block (kanna-dai). White Oak (Shiro-gashi) is the preferred material for making the base due to its hardness but this is subject to the personal preference of the user.

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