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Canvas Chisel Rolls

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Canvas Chisel Rolls

Available Options


The small roll is for chisels/nomi that are 12” (30.5 cm) long and under (this includes most bench chisels, dovetail chisels and timber chisels with shorter handles).

The large roll is for chisels/nomi that are 14” (35.5 cm) long (this includes most paring and push chisels with longer handles).


The fabric used in these rolls is Kurashiki sailcloth.  This is a very durable, waterproof, tightly woven canvas that, when cared for properly, will provide many years of service.  It is important to be careful when inserting sharp tools into the slots for the first time.  It is also beneficial to open the slots a bit before trying to insert your tools.

We recommend the following method for preparing the roll for its first use:

  1. Open the tool roll and flaps, making sure it’s lying completely flat. 
  2. Starting with the slots that have the openings facing you and the seams facing the wall, take an unsharpened carpenter’s pencil and insert it fully into each slot, being careful to keep the pencil tilted up so that you can open the canvas.
  3. Move the pencil left and right so that the slots can be completely opened. This will make inserting your tools much easier, with less chance of them cutting through the canvas.
  4. Place your chisels into the slots.  IMPORTANT:  insert them with the bevel facing down and the back facing up. This method of insertion will ensure that the corners of your sharp chisels do not cut through the canvas when you roll it up.
  5. Close the handle covering flaps and roll it completely up.  Wrap the cloth flat tape twice around the roll and then carefully tuck it under both wraps once. For a secure finish, tuck the free end under the tape at the part before you tucked it under both wraps, creating a slipknot. Draw the knot closed carefully and neatly.  And you’re done!