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Kezurou-kai / Japan Trip

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This tour is specially designed for wood and hand tool fans.

You will attend wood/tool related events and make exclusive visits to the capitals of Japanese tradition, during the high season for autumn leaves.

For the whole program, you will be accompanied by two bilingual wood and tool specialists so that you can get to know more about the field you love!

Itinerary / Main Programs

(Depart USA by individually arranged flight)
November 6, Thu. Checking in and meet at a hotel in Tokyo
 7, Fri. – Travel to Odawara, Kanagawa (hotel in Odawara)
 8, Sat. – Visit Odawara Castel(optional), Kezuroukai Opening Reception (hotel in Odawara)
 9, Sun. – Kezuroukai Planing Competition (hotel in Odawara)
 10, Mon. – Travel to Kobe, free time (hotel in Kobe)
 11, Tue. – Travel to Miki city, visit black smith’s studios (hotel in Miki)
 12, Wed. – Travel back to Kobe, visit Tool Museum (hotel in Kobe)
 13, Thu. – Kobe to Kyoto by train (hotel in Kyoto)
 14, Fri. – Free time in Kyoto or lumber auction in Gifu(optional) (hotel in Kyoto)
 15, Sat. – Visit Kitayama Cedar production area, stay in traditional Japanese house in Miyama, Kyoto
 16, Sun. – Miyama Town, observing tree cutting, hotel in Miyama, Kyoto
 17, Mon. – Travel to Tokyo, free time (hotel in Tokyo)
 18, Tue. – Free time in Tokyo (hotel in Tokyo) dinner planned with traditional craft master
 19, Wed. – visit traditional craftsman’s studio in Tokyo (hotel in Tokyo)

Included Expenses

Estimated travel expenses: $4300 (first deposit $500 keeps your place for the tour, by September 4)
Includes accommodation for 13 nights, including breakfast, meals,
domestic transportation and admission for planned events.
Enrollment limit: 12 Minimum participation: 5 (if less than 5, the deposit will be fully refunded)
* Air fare between USA and Japan is not included.
* The expenses may fluctuate depending on currency exchange rate or other factors.
* Each participant has to have travel insurance during whole period.
* Details will be determined about the meals.
For more details, including the payment arrangement, contact: Suzukitool or Brian Newell Furniture.


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