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Nakaya Takijiro Masayoshi Dovetail Saws/Dozuki Noko

Nakaya Takijiro Masayoshi Dovetail Saws/Dozuki Noko

Price starts from $540

Both rip cut teeth and crosscut teeth are available

Blade length 150mm, 180mm, 210mm, 240mm, 270mm are available. 

Note: Larger or smaller sizes can be made by request

Saws by our blacksmith, Takijiro Masayoshi Nakaya, are custom-made for each customer. To insure that your saw is perfect for you, he requests that you send him samples of the wood(s) you will be using as well as a saw that you use most (naturally, this will be returned with your completed order). This is how he comes up with the ideal metate (finish, number and angles of teeth) for you. 

Because of the personalized nature of your custom saw, it will take him up to three months to complete. Please contact us for a personal consultation about your Takijiro Masayoshi Nakaya saw.