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Kinju (Vacuumed thick White Steel #1)

70mm—2-3/4" (2-1/2"Cutting Edge)
Koban-Shinku-yokai-Shirogami-ichigo-tanrenko/Super White Steel
Oi-masame White Oak Dai/Block*
Available Options

*Oi-masame is our recommendation. Please let us know if you would like Masame.

We can accomodate any bedding angles for a Hira-ganna/smoothing plane. If it's steeper than 40 degrees, an additional charge will be required. Please ask for details.

It's similar in it's construction to the Tansaikaden Katsaburo plane, what makes the Kinju plane distinct is the steel. For this plane, Tetsushinsai Horaku starts with white steel #1, whose high carbon content (higher than what is found in blue steel) and relative purity make it possible to forge the high quality “super white steel” (or Koban-shinkuyokai-tanlenko) that makes the Kinju ideal for fine smoothing operations.