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Tansaikaden Katsusaburo

70mm—2-3/4" (2-1/2"Cutting Edge)
Koban-Aogami-ichigo-tanrenko/Blue Steel #1
Oi-masame White Oak Dai/Block*
Available Options

*Oi-masame is our recommendation. Please let us know if you would like Masame.

We can accomodate any bedding angles for a Hira-ganna/smoothing plane. If it's steeper than 40 degrees, an additional charge will be required. Please ask for details.

The name “Tansaikaden” refers to the painstaking blacksmithing process, passed down through generations, which is used to produce this remarkable, superior quality plane. Beginning with a 6mm thick plate of blue steel #1, master blacksmith Tetsushinsai Houraku uses a charcoal forge to heat one end of the metal to a high working temperature. Using a small, fast spring hammer, he strikes the piece repeatedly in order to condense the metal's molecular structure. Next, he lowers the heat and uses a heavier hammer to “draw out” the working end, flattening the steel to 3mm and creating the wedge-shaped “Kobantanlenko” that will become the cutting end of the tool. Lastly, this dense, hardened blue steel is put back in the forge to be laminated with a layer of softer (less brittle) Joston steel. The result of this combination of superior materials is a very high quality blade that is easy to sharpen and maintain. It is the finest blade that we sell.   For further questions concerning the Tansaikaden Katsaburo planes or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.