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A-type Improved Pruning Shears

Hand Forged
Special Blade Steel
Overall Length 200mm (8")
Blade Length 65mm (2-5/8")

Hand Forged Pruning Shears

Very popular pruning shears, especialy among professional gardeners for regular pruning, bonsai, flower arrangement and e.t.c...



  • October 29, 2015 by Joan
    I purchased a pair of these pruning shears weeks ago and have not stopped using them! I was going to buy yet another pair of standard gardening shears when I decided to make the investment in a professional grade tool. I am glad that I did. They are very high quality, sharp and comfortable to use. The way the handles are made makes them easy for any size hand to use. I also think that they would be an excellent gift for anyone who loves gardening.