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Komori Scraper Plane/ Tachi-ganna (Dainaoshi-ganna)

Komori Scraper Plane/ Tachi-ganna (Dainaoshi-ganna)

Scraper Plane (for adjusting the sole of a smoothing plane)
Blue Steel #1 and Goku-nantetsu
White Oak Block
Available Options

Block Length 90mm (3 1/2")
Block Width 30mm (1 1/8")

Blade Length 50mm (2")
Blade Width 18mm (3/4")

Cutting Edge Width 16mm (5/8")

14.6 oz (415 g)

This plane is called "Dainaoshi-ganna" in Eastern part of Japan and "Tachi-ganna" in Western part of Japan

It has a single blade inserted almost orthogonally to the base that is relatively shorter than a normal smoothing plane/ hira-ganna. It is a crucial tool for adjusting the bottom surface of a smoothing plane/ hira-ganna, which dermins the quality of the shaving. It is also used to shave hardwoods.

Various sizes are available Ask for details.